Our clients

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We have designed a new production warehouse in Sučany for our client BESICO.

Extension of existing Faurecia Hlohovec plant, comprising new social, technical spaces, as well as parking spaces.

Construction of a new car light production plant.

Projects we are currently working on:

  • Our company REDE-PROJECT s.r.o. in cooperation with the construction company STRABAG won the contract for the construction of a new plant for MEDLINE in Malé Bielice near Partizánske. The project includes the construction of a production and storage hall with an area of 20,000 square meters and an administrative and social part for 400 workers as well as the appropriate facilities. We look forward to working with a company that is one of the leaders in the medical material market.
  • We have designed a new production warehouse in Sučany for our client BESICO. A new, more than 44,000 m²  large hall in the A+ standard will welcome its first tenants in the spring 2020.   
  • SLOVAK TELEKOM Banská Bystrica - a project that includes an existing 4-storey administrative building with technological support and construction of a new two-storey garage for 80 passenger cars.
  • FAURECIA Košice - extension project of the existing FAURECIA factory in Košice with a 4,000 m² plastic injection hall.
  • BURGMAIER Banská Bystrica - extension of the existing production area of ​​the company in the Šalková Industrial Park that includes warehouse, operation premises and facilities (6,600 m² hall and 1,500 m² of new facilities).

Projects delivered:

  • FAURECIA Hlohovec – a project to expand an existing production plant with 7,000 m² of operation premises and related technological facilities.
  • ZKW Krušovce - the next two stages of the construction of an existing production plant in Krušovce. Stage 6 with a new 24,000 m² hall and facilities for 600 workers adjacent to the existing ZKW hall. Stage 7 with a new stand-alone hal of 11,500 m² and facilities for 300 workers. New parking spaces for 550 cars.
  • FAURECIA Hlohovec - project of division  and extension of a production factory. EPCM contract.
  • TECHNOGYM Malý Krtíš – a project to build a new warehouse as  the first stage of expansion of an existing plant in Malý Krtíš. (7,000 m² warehouse).
  • MAPLAN Malacky - Project of a new MAPLAN factory, 6,000m2 of hall area and 1,200m2 of administrative area for MAPLAN, an Austrian company.
  • Completion of a TECHNOGYM factory in Maly Krtíš. Completion of testing premises and gym.
  • PLASTIC OMNIUM Hlohovec - a project to build an existing site in Hlohovec (17,000 m² hall and 3,600 m² of administrative premises and facilities) and the construction of a new production and storage hall (24,000 m²).
  • Design of a new factory/warehouse, 14,000m2 for CENTROP, a real estate developer, located in Devínska Nová Ves next to VW factory.
  • HSF SLOVAKIA - Construction project of II. Stage, a factory producing aluminium windows and doors in Malacky (4,000m2).
  • FAURECIA Lozorno - Project of a factory producing car seats for Audi, VW and Porsche - 24,000m2 and 1200 jobs. Concept, realization project, project of technology facilities, design of interior.
  • PTG SLOVAKIA - Project of a new factory/warehouse for PTG SLOVAKIA in P3 area of Lozorno park. Assembly of tires and discs for VW. (14,000m2).
  • FAURECIA SLOVAKIA in Automotive Park Lozorno - planning and completion of production hall.
  • IFN TEAM s.r.o. - New production plant for IFN TEAM s.r.o. in Malacky - planning and building management (25,000m2).
  • INTERPANE - New production plant for the manufacture of insulating panels for windows and doors in Malacky - planning and building management (4,000m2).
  • HORMAL a.s. - Planning and building management of infrastructure inside the site for HORMAL in Malacky - planning and building management.
  • IMPAX TRADING - Planning and full delivery of administrative centre (office building and storage area) for IMPAX TRADING in Bratislava - turnkey project.
  • BROSE - Reconstruction of sanitary facilities for BROSE in APP Lozorno - Planning and building management.
  • Project and engineering of a new factory for ZKW Slovakia in Krusovce - project and engineering (25,000m2) (2014).
  • GEOTHERMAL ANYWHERE - Project, engineering and reconstruction of laboratory premises of GEOTHERMAL ANYWHERE in Devinska Nova Ves (2013).
  • SEDITA - Project, engineering and reconstruction of factory SEDITA Sered for IDC Holding - project and management (38,000m2) (2013).
  • Project of extension of warehouse GLOBO in Levice - project, engineering and implementation (2,500m2) (2011-2012).
  • Project of production hall BURGMAIER PRECISION in Banska Bystrica - project and management (4,000m2 + administration building) (2011 - 2012) .
  • Project and implementation of structural modifications and technologies for FAURECIA in Lozorno - turnkey project (2011 - 2012).
  • Project and engineering of a new factory for FREMACH in Trnava - project and engineering (22,000m2) (2011-2012).
  • Project of extension of production areal HSF in Malacky - project and engineering (3,000m2) (2011).
  • Projects, engineering and construction of two expedition shelters for DUVENBECK SLOVAKIA in APP Lozorno areal (2010 - 2012).
  • Project and implementation of structural modifications and technologies for APP in Lozorno - turnkey project (2009 - 2010).
  • Project and implementation of structural modifications and technologies for ARVIN MERITOR in Lozorno - turnkey project (2009).
  • Project and implementation of structural modifications and technologies for IAC in Lozorno - turnkey project (2009).
  • Project of central warehouse of books for the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY in Bratislava (2009).
  • FAURECIA SLOVAKIA in the industrial park in Lozorno - turnkey project (2006-2009).
  • Freight forwarding and administrative areal for CARGO PARTNER in Bratislava - project and management (1,.000m2) (2007-2008).
  • Production areal BRADY Bratislava - turnkey project (2007).
  • T-MOBILE - projects of 35 stores (2006-2008).
  • JUNGHEINRICH service centre and warehouse of the company in Senec - project and management (2006).
  • Freight forwarding areal PADROSA in Senec - turnkey project (2006).
  • Administrative building CSKD Intrans in Prague - turnkey project (2006).
  • Projection of production hall RYOKA GLOBAL EUROPE in Nitra - project and management (22,000m2) (2006).
  • Production areal and warehouse including the administrative building NMB MINEBEA in Bratislava - turnkey project (2006).
  • 3 petrol stations ESSO - project and engineering (2005-2006).
  • Production areal and warehouse PMDM in Bratislava - turnkey project (2005).
  • Production and freight forwarding areal GLOBO LIGHTING INDUSTRIE in Levice - project and management (10,000m2) (2005).
  • Call centre Nitra for T-MOBILE - turnkey project (2005).
  • Call centre Zilina for EUROTEL - turnkey project (2004).
  • Headquarters and freight forwarding areal SCHENKER SLOVAKIA in Bratislava - project and management (2004-2005).
  • Production halls M1A, M2C and M2 in VW area in Bratislava - project (2001-2002).
  • The factory COCA-COLA AMATIL SLOVAKIA in Luka near Piestany - project and management (2000).
  • OMV centre Slovakia on Moskovska street - project and management (1999 - 2000).